7 Best Wide Toe-Box Running Shoes 2021 – Product Reviews & Buying Guide

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Running is an excellent means of losing weight fast. Even more important, running can not only help boost metabolism but also get you fit. Consequently, many people are looking for the best wide toe-box running shoes.

But, there is nothing like the perfect wide toe-box running shoe. The reason being, running involves all sorts of things. Take, for instance, your weight, your biomechanics, the terrain, etc. 

Therefore, it’s hard to come across one shoe that suits all runners. Some deliver excellent stability while others are perfect for long runs, and so on. In this article, we will take a look at the Seven Best Wide Toe Box Shoes. Let’s rock!

Wide Toe-Box Running Shoes Comparison Table

Brooks Ghost 12 1. Brooks Ghost 12
  • BioMoGo DNA foam
  • 12mm drop
  • Blown rubber covering
Altra Torin 4 Plush 2. Altra Torin 4 Plush
  • Splendid cushioning
  • Decoupled outsole
  • Cozy upper knit
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9 3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft Underfoot Cushioning
  • Leather/mesh upper
Altra Escalante 2 4. Altra Escalante 2
  • Altra’s FootPod Tech
  • Altra EGO foam blend
  • Zero-drop base
Hoka One One Clifton 6 5. Hoka One One Clifton 6
  • An embroidered design
  • Dense rubber outsole
  • Accommodation forefoot facility
ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18
  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Foam sole
  • Softer GEL technology cushioning
Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 v2 7. Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 v2
  • Minimal design
  • Open mesh design
  • Wide lacing system

Wide Toe-Box Running Shoes Reviews

Our Top Pick

1. Brooks Ghost 12

Best Overall
Brooks Ghost 12 Road Running Shoe

Weight: 263 grams Drop: 12 mm

Things we liked

Consists of heavy cushioning for utmost comfort
An ideal choice for both paved and smooth natural surfaces
Offer excellent grip
Moderate toe box for enough wiggle room
Provides a smooth toe-off
Very economical and durable
Top-notch seamless construction

Things we didn’t like

The sizes may be smaller than expected
Lacks arch support

Are you looking for an enduring pair of wide toe box shoes from famous brands? If yes, the Brooks Ghost 12 is ideal for you. Firstly, it employs BioMoGo DNA foam alongside Brook’s signature DNA Loft. With such heavy cushioning, it assures any runner of utmost comfort.

Secondly, this trainer includes a 12mm heel-to-toe drop. For that reason, it performs remarkably on paved surfaces. At the same time, it also excellent om smooth, natural terrains. 

Thirdly, its outsole consists of a robust blown rubber covering almost the entire surface. As such, it adds to the total weight hence delivering maximum grip. Even amidst so much weight and cushioning, the shoe is highly responsive.

Another thing, the Brooks Ghost 12 is very durable. Thanks to its outsole. Among competitive counterparts, it stands out as a more economical choice.

Its forefoot outsole includes a segmented Crash-Pad system. Through this, it not only absorbs shock but also provides a smooth toe-off with each stride.

The Brooks Ghosh 12 also features a minimal design with a notable sock-like fit. Then again, the shoe’s construction is seamless to balance stretch, stability, and structure efficiently. With a moderate toe box, this trainer delivers enough room to wiggle your toes.

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2. Altra Torin 4 Plush

Best Protection
Altra Torin 4 Plush

Weight: 286 grams Drop: 0 mm

Things we liked

Excellent underfoot protection
Extra cushioning for maximum comfort
Ideal for rough terrain
Incredible impact absorption
An impressive amount of flexibility
Lightweight and highly responsive
zero drop technology

Things we didn’t like

Knit upper may cause overheating
Not ideal for heavier runners
Offers no arch support

The Altra Torin 4 Plush is also among the shoes with wide toe box that comes with a zero drop technology for feet balancing. It guarantees undisputable comfort, protection and extra wide toe box. It’s an ideal pick for people who don’t mind giving up a little responsiveness for underfoot softness.

Unlike its previous Altra Torin 4 model, it comes with 2 mm extra cushioning and a zero heel to toe drop. As such, this trainer delivers extra protection when on the road. Because of its extra cushioning, Altra Torin 4 is ideal for long, slow miles and recovery runs.

The Altra Torin 4 Plush also features the all-new, highly responsive, and lightweight Quantic midsole. By compromising some energy, this wide toe box shoe achieves excellent impact absorption. So if you care less about speed, you will love this extra plush trainer. 

More importantly, this extra wide shoe includes a decoupled outsole. It’s a little rigid than the previous model due to the extra cushioning of the midsole. But still, it achieves an impressive degree of flexibility.

Equally important, with the Torin 4 Plush, you won’t feel the ground underfoot. It provides a substantial amount of protection than most shoe models out there. To achieve this, it covers its foam on the outsole. 

The shoe’s upper support has a cozier knit with excellent breathability and stretch. Besides, its lacing is also very secure. For this reason, it’s ideal for running in loose gravel, streets, or fire roads.

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The Altra Torin 4 zero drop technology ensures that you have a barefoot positioning. As such, this zero drop technology is ideal for improving your posture and flexibility.

Best Cushioning

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9

Best Cushioning
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9

Weight: 246 grams Drop: 5 mm

Things we liked

Low profile with a striking design
Excellent speed-oriented
Softer landing than counterparts
A high degree of traction
Lightweight and highly durable
Incredibly flexible
Top-quality and comfortable cushioning
Mesh upper material for breathability

Things we didn’t like

Collar grip is less than perfect

You can’t talk about cushioned shoes with a wide toe box and fail to mention the New Balance 1080v9. Even with a low profile, it still displays a striking design with a new mesh upper and an extra-wide toe box. It comes from one of the well-known brands.

The New Balance wide feet box shoes deliver a high level of cushioning. Besides that, they also boast of a quick turnover and high responsiveness. For these reasons, the New Balance 1080v9 is an ideal speed-oriented pick.

In the past, there were complaints about the fit of the upper and fitness of the cushion. So, New Balance decided to redesign the sole unit. 

The New Balance v9 now features an advanced Fresh Foam midsole material. Then again, these trainers also include Laser Engravings on the outside. By this, they achieve a softer landing than most running shoes.

The bottom of the midsole consists of blown rubber. Other than traction, this material guarantees less weight and high durability.

Also, the New 1080v9 extra wide toe box shoes are highly breathable—courtesy of the “Fantom Fit” and the new engineered mesh.

The New Balance’s toe box is roomy, has a wide width, and is impressively comfortable to boot. It also delivers excellent height that leaves extra flexing room for your toes.

4. Altra Escalante 2

Best Balance
Altra Escalante 2

Weight: 261 grams Drop: 0 mm

Things we liked

Mimics the bones of your feet
Delivers some springiness with each stride
Highly versatile shoe
Seamless and fully knit upper
Provides remarkable support and structure
Snug and comfortable fit
Excellent breathability

Things we didn’t like

Doesn’t keep water out

For runners who want an all-round shoe, the Altra Escalante 2 is the real deal. It is among the quality shoes for wide toe box.

Like its predecessors, the Altra Escalante 2 wide width toe box shoe features a zero-drop base. Also, it comes with a foot-shaped toe box.

The trainer’s outsole integrates Altra’s FootPod Technology. With this, it mimics your foot bone’s structure. In other terms, it flexes and bends at the same parts your foot moves and bends when running.

The midsole consists of Altra EGO, which is a proprietary foam blend. Other than comfort, it also offers some springiness with every stride.

About the upper, it is not just fully knit but entirely seamless to boot. Unlike the previous models, this wide width toe box trainer delivers additional support and structure. 

Remarkably, the extra bit of structure does not compromise comfort delivery at all. The Altra Escalante 2 achieves a snug fit on your foot without being restrictive.  

Similar to the other shoes in the Escalante line, the Altra Escalante 2 shoe is supremely comfortable. Wearing it feels like a sock. Thanks to its fully knit upper. The shoe’s excellent breathability is also worth the mention.

Despite the upper being very comfortable, it doesn’t efficiently keep water out. So, if the Escalante 2 running shoes get wet, your feet will too. 

5. Hoka One One Clifton 6

Best Breathability
Hoka One One Clifton 6

Weight: 255 grams Drop: 5 mm

Things we liked

Overly cushioned for comfort
EVA foam makes it lightweight
A perfect balance between stability and responsiveness
Ideal for long runs
It’s fairly durable
The open design facilitates excellent breathability

Things we didn’t like

Treads wear out faster than other brands

The Hoka One One Clifton 6 is one of the shoes with a wide toe box. It has an ideally smooth, somewhat responsive, and soft Shoe.

Most runners, including both veterans and beginners, must have given this trainer a chance. It has an outstanding reputation for being very lightweight. Notably, it’s one of the first models to achieve a lightweight yet overly cushioned design.

Its midsole boasts of a full compression slightly softer EVA foam. As a result, it maintains impressive responsiveness.

More importantly, it uses hi-abrasion lightweight rubber for its outsole. The rubber displays strategic placement on points of contact. The other parts of the outsole feature the same material as the midsole.

Equally important, this wide toe box running balances between responsiveness and cushioning. It’s so comfortable that you can’t even feel the road underfoot. 

The Hoka One Clifton 6 shoe displays a convenient rockered geometry. For this reason, it ensures an efficient transition between foot strike and toe-off.

The shape of this shoe encourages forward momentum. With a rockered profile and soft midsole, you can go miles in these babies.

About durability concerns, this wide toe box trainer holds up well. It may have less rubber than other counterparts. However, it doesn’t show any unusual signs of tear and wears. 

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Its upper unit comprises of a new engineered mesh material. With an open design, the shoe facilitates excellent airflow. The design also employs embroidery reinforcement to deliver extra support on the midfoot.

6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18

Best Durability
ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18

Weight: 323 grams Drop: 10 mm

Things we liked

Plentiful cushioning for comfort
Top-quality materials for durability and efficiency
Excellent at wicking moisture
Very comfortable
Striking and seamless upper

Things we didn’t like

May be somewhat pricy for some

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 is a fantastic blend of durability, cushioning, and mild stability. It is among the shoes with a wide toe box in a list, and good for keeping safe from plantar fasciitis.

One thing about these shoes is the plentiful cushioning. Hence, they promise maximum comfort. Some runners even consider these trainers as the plushest shoes in the market.

About its sole, it looks very busy. In other words, there are areas where Asics used up to seven varying materials. 

It has a plush inner sole to begin with and an equally plush liner below. Then beneath is a darker foam and Gel. Then again, it a lighter tone foam (FluidRide), a plastic stability plate. Lastly, there’s the outsole rubber.

Nevertheless, Asics uses these elements a little differently for each gender. The women’s shoe has a 13mm drop. In contrast, the men’s counterpart has a 10mm drop.

The outsole features thick rubber except along the Guidance line and directly underneath the heel. To deliver extra midfoot structure and enhanced gait efficiency, the shoe combines this line with the Trusstic system.

At the forefoot includes a standard soft rubber. Simultaneously, the trainer uses a more durable and hard rubber in high wear areas for durability and comfort.

Moreover, the Gel Cushion is very effective in shock absorption during toe-off and landing.

Its upper is striking and seamless to boot. The shoe’s sock liner wicks away moisture while maintaining comfort. Remarkably, it also has a heel clutching system.

7. Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 v2

Best Design
Inov-8 Men's Roadclaw 275 V2 Sneaker

Weight: 246 grams Drop: 5 mm

Things we liked

Very minimal design
Smooth cushioning for comfort
Provides enough space in the toe box
Mesh upper design for maximum breathability
Wide lacing system for both narrow and wide feet
Excellent grip for smooth terrain

Things we didn’t like

The ride is too firm
Lacks arch support

The Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 v2 is among the widest toe box shoes in the market today to help you avoid conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

The shoe’s design ensures a smooth, cushioned running experience. It’s one of the shoes with a snug fit. It fits your heel perfectly and becomes narrower at the forefoot. Even so, the forefoot is roomy and allows your toes to flex.

Its upper has more of an open new mesh design. For that reason, expect excellent breathability performance from these running shoes.

Another key feature of these wide toe box shoes is its wide lacing system. Whether you have narrow or wide feet, these trainers promise the utmost comfort.

On top of that, the Roadclaw 275 is a neutral shoe. However, it boasts a high level of stability. The reason being, it has a firm-ish midsole. 

Besides that, this shoe also features the Dynamic Fascia Band and a broad base. The band not only delivers support but also add some spring at toe-off.

Its outsole, on the other hand, features a special and convenient design. It does an excellent job delivering both durability and grip at the same time.

Buying Guide for Best Wide Toe-Box Running Shoes

Most runners opt for cheap wide toe boxes trainers. As a result, they don’t receive the right amount of support, which leads to high chances of injury and conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

As you go shopping for shoes with wide toe boxes, consider the following factors:


As basic as it sounds, the fit is a vital feature in all running shoes. Therefore, consider an upper fit or last fitting that is fairly snug. 

In other words, if your shoe is too big, you’ll have instances of your foot sliding inside the trainer. Resultantly, this may bring about foot blisters. In the same way, a too-small trainer tends to squeeze your foot. By this, it puts you at risk of incurring a bone injury.

Also, there are cases of toenail problems that make your feet to bleed underneath. All these can result from a poor fitting.


This is simply everything you can find above the sole. Usually, wide toe box running shoes features layers of fabrics sewn and glued together. 

There are modern models, however, that combine special printing and knitting altogether. By this, they come up with one-piece uppers that offer support in vital places or stretch.

Heel Height

This is the difference in height between the ball of your foot and the heel. Experts agree that changing drop can alter your stride. To elaborate more, it facilitates the different distribution of force to the leg and foot.

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Go for running shoes that cut down stress on any weak areas of your feet. Also, the shoes should feel right from touchdown to toe-off.


Most running shoes feature cushioning in the midsole and forefoot. The midsole material is very practical in shock absorption from a heel strike. 

Different shoes use different cushioning materials. But others feature a soft crash pad on the foot’s outer edge.  Heel cushioning delivers some degree of comfort. However, I would tell you to get trainers with a balance of cushioning, ground feel, and stability.

Also, make sure the running shoes touch down where you expect them to before rolling into the stride.

Forefoot cushioning, on the other hand, protects the structures of your foot. So, consider running shoes with energy-return materials and designs. Besides offering protection, they also help propel your foot. As you pay attention to your trainer’s responsiveness, also consider a firm push-off platform. 


Considering the type of terrain you run on is vital as well. The reason being, the compatibility of different running shoes with different surfaces varies.

Also, you may not have noticed the varying types of outsoles in different shoes. Those that have run on a terrain with the wrong outsole can remember slipping around. By doing so for long, you risk injuring your soft tissues.

As such, consider outsole materials that deliver grip and last long to boot. At the same time, make sure the material doesn’t add extra stiffness or weight. Also, make sure your footprint shape matches that of your toe box running shoe.

Stabilizing Features

Different shoe brands employ different technologies. These may include guide rails, dual-density foams, medial posts, among others. With all these, they try to prevent your foot from rolling inward, over-pronation, and excessive motion.

Stability and control devices have proven to be nothing but helpful. They are effective in helping runners maintain their movement paths. So, look for a shoe that helps your feet to move naturally and comfortably through the stride.

Ankle Collar

At the shoe’s opening is a wrap that keeps your heel down in place. That is the ankle collar. While some shoes rely on the shape, others use thick padding. 

You just need to ensure your heel doesn’t slip. Moreover, make sure the padding comfortably interacts with the bones around your ankles.

the difference wide and narrow toe-box

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Running Shoes have the widest toe box?

There a several shoes from different brands that will offer you very wide toe boxes. Some of the brands are the ones we have discussed such as Altra, ASICS, Hoka and New Blance.

What Shoes have wide toe box?

Not all running shoes have wide toe boxes. However, different brands make shoes that have this feature. The sure way forward here is to keenly check the specifications of the shoe to see if it has a wide toe box or not.

How should Running shoes fit in the toe box?

These shoes come with a snug-fit feature for all the other parts of your feet. As such, your feet fits in comfortably.

What is a wide toe box in shoes?

This is a feature that allows your fingers to be comfortable in every way inside the shoe. You should not confuse it with wide shoes because it also ensures that the other parts of your feet fits in well.

What is the drop in a wide toe box running shoe?

The heel-to-toe drop is the difference in height measured in mm between the toe and the shoe’s heel.

Originally, wide toe box running shoes have a 10-12mm drop. Low-drop shoes, on the contrary, have a range of 4-6mm. Furthermore, theirs is also another entire category of zero-drop shoes.

When is it time to retire my wide toe box running shoes?

The answer is somewhere between 300 and 500 miles. But why the variation? Because how fast your shoe wears is up to you. Trust the feel. 

If your trainers feel like they aren’t offering adequate protection after a routine run, maybe they aren’t. You may take a one-week rest to be sure that it’s not just fatigue. If they still feel dead, then it’s time to replace them.

Does the terrain you run on affect how your wide toe box running shoes break down? 

Running shoes wear out quicker in road running than in trail running. However, how you run is also a factor you cannot look upon. Take, for instance, a 100-pound serious road runner will most likely wear out his trainers slower than a 200-pound heavy runner.


As you look for your next running shoe, be sure to consider a wide toe box model. However, there are too many trainer options in the market today.

With this article, we help narrow down the options to the Seven Wide Toe Box Running Shoes. After also going through our detailed buyer’s guide, you’ll have all the knowledge you need. We believe there has to be at least one shoe amongst the seven that can satisfy your needs.

To do so, just write down what you think a perfect running shoe should have. Then find the one shoe option that ticks most if not all the boxes.

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