Do Wide Shoes Have A Wider Toe Box? (LET’S KNOW)

The answer to the question do wide shoes have a wider toe box is that it depends on the manufacturer and the approach he uses to make the pair. When it comes to making wide shoes that may fit EE or EEE widths, there are two popular approaches that manufacturers use. The first approach to … Read more

What is a Wide Toe Box (Truly Wide)

A wide toe box accommodates your feet without letting the walls of the shoes squeeze your feet. If you feel your feet adjusted well in the shoes but in a squeezed manner, they are just big size shoes and not true wide shoes. In the case of a true wide toe box, your feet rest … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Break in Running Shoes?

Most footwear does not fit comfortably straightaway, including running shoes. The reason behind this is that our feet have different shapes. Moreover, the application of pressure as we are running is uneven in some or many cases. The two factors above make it necessary for your running shoes to take time to adjust. The question … Read more

Do I Need To Fuel During A Half Marathon?

Running has been a great and exciting sport and hobby that everyone enjoyed sports and games, especially running in their childhood, in any case, nothing that I was extremely erect about until later months. I would consider myself a good runner who runs 5 runs per week, between 7 miles each time. However, my early … Read more