Multiple Advantages of Running Thrice a Week

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Common Reasons that Causes Knee Pain in Runners

Being a runner, I feel that running is one of the weight-bearing forms of exercise so it results in a high risk for injuries. Also, it is a repetitive process that makes regular wear and tear of muscles and bones. Since knee pains and injuries are quite common and nearly 50% of the runners suffer … Read more

Hiking Boots vs. Trail Running Shoes

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hiker, you know that investing in footwear is a necessity. After all, you are on your feet for hours. And, wearing the wrong shoes can cut your adventures early on.  Hikers have varying opinions about what type of footwear to choose. Some swear on the reliability of … Read more

2 Methods for How To Lace Running Shoes for Wide Feet

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5 Ways How To Stretch Running Shoes for Wide Feet

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The 7 Top Ways to know How to Clean Running Shoes

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How Should Running Shoes Fit the Guide

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How to Choose Running Shoes the Big Guide

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