9 Best Hallux Rigidus Running Shoes for 2021 with Buyer’s Guide

The big toe plays a vital role in foot function. It bears most of the force created during running. Therefore, having the best Hallux Rigidus running shoes is paramount. Hallux Rigidus is a medical term that describes a stiff/ dysfunctional big toe. You can also refer to it as arthritis of the big toe joint. … Read more

8 Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel in 2021

A good number of runners or athletes with wide feet find the most popular running shoes uncomfortable. To these runners, best running shoes with wide toe box and narrow heels are essential. These running shoes are not only comfortable but also help these runners to achieve their daily goals. However, the challenge is finding shoes … Read more

7 Best Running Shoes for Overpronation and Narrow Feet

I have found overpronation and narrow feet to be among the greatest challenges to many runners. For sure, how your foot makes contact with the ground matters a lot, especially if you are a runner. Getting the best running shoes for overpronation and narrow feet is also not an easy task. Overpronation and narrow feet … Read more