How Long After ACL Surgery Can You Run

Unlike what many people think, ACL tears are not only limited to contact sports such as soccer. According to Renstron et al., we have about 85% of ACL tears that happen in a non-contact sudden change of direction or sudden deceleration. ACL tears are also common in women compared to men. The high prevalence in … Read more

Practical Ways to Lace The Running Shoes For Various Types of Feet

Every type of foot needs special treatment in terms of running shoes and lacing technique. I have spent ample hours to bring out the best and most practical guide on how to lace running shoes. All the below-mentioned techniques and patterns are gathered after deep research and self-testing. For a runner, there are critical factors … Read more

Top 10 Books Which Every Old Runner Needs

As per top coaches, running is primarily a mental game. Whether you are a marathon veteran looking to augment your running skills or a newbie, a good book would help you to be successful. For many of us, running is a simple sport. You have to place one foot in front of the other to … Read more

Average Shoe Size by Height – For Men and Women

For running and doing a different task like exercise and jogging we need perfect average shoes for this. As a runner, I searched for lots of shoes, but we have to acknowledge the accurate size and shape of our feet for getting the required shoes. The average shoe size by height in the United States, … Read more

When was Running Invented? History of the Running

Brief History of Running (when was running invented?) If we talk logically then we all are well aware of this fact that how we have evolved to homo sapiens. Like many other living things, our ancestors used to hunt and were capable of making ways to survive when there were no resources. When you are … Read more

How Many Days a Week Should I Run

If you are a runner doesn’t mean you always have to win a race. People become runners for losing that stubborn extra belly fat, some for marathon training, while others for keeping themselves fit. The question is how many days a week should I run? Your goal decides the quantity of training you require. Another … Read more

The Merits and Demerits of Running Without Underwear

There are times, when you become so uncomfortable that either you think that you should have worn my underwear or you strongly feel that you should have skipped it. In both cases, you are right. Here the catch is, you should not compromise with your body, comfort and breathability. To save you from having such … Read more

Benefits of Running in the Morning

At some point in time, you must have seen the motivational videos, read the inspirational stories of successful people. If I ask you what is common in their stories? Unanimously you all will answer a perfect morning routine. Acing your morning routine is like half the job done. The very first thing to reach there … Read more