What Is The Average Running Speed Of A Human?

There is a lot of discussion going on about how human running speed changes with age. Some argue that the average running speed of a human decreases after 30, while others argue that it increases after the age of 30. One suggestion for this is that there are variations in running speed due to genetics. Another one is that muscle composition changes with age and reduces the efficiency of the running movement. Everyday tasks like walking, jogging, and sprinting are common activities for humans.

Without knowing the average running speed of a human, it is difficult to answer the question What Is The Average Running Speed Of A Human. Human running speed is about 4 miles per hour.

The standard speed of a human being is 4 miles per hour. This fast pace, however, can vary depending on the terrain and the size of the person.

When it comes to running, humans are always able to adapt to their surroundings. Cleaners, for instance, have an average speed of 9 miles per hour because they have to go quickly to clear garbage from offices and streets.

The average running speed of a human is about 4.6 miles per hour. This speed is quite impressive for the animals with the body size of humans. But for animals with larger body sizes, their running speed can be as low as 1 mile per hour.

The average running speed is not constant throughout their lives or even throughout their lifetime but goes up and down depending on how they are feeling, what they are wearing etc.

What Factors Affect Your Average Running Speed? 

Running speed is usually measured in meters per second (m/s), kilometers per hour (km/h), or miles per hour (mph) that runners use a stopwatch or timing chip record. These are often converted to kilometers per hour (km/h).

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The older you get, the slower you will run due to your body’s biological age, slowing down your reflexes and muscle strength.


Women reach their peak sprint speed earlier than men as they have shorter legs and smaller bodies than men.


Those who perform more aerobic activities such as running, jogging, or cycling tend to have faster running speeds than those who haven’t performed any other physical activity.

Affective factors

The average running speed of human beings can be affected by the following factors:

  • Body weight, height, age, sex
  • Surface conditions
  • Relative strength of muscle groups
  • Experience level

How to measure personal average running speed

Running is a popular exercise in most sports. It is also the most common form of cardiovascular exercise that people do. It has been shown to have lots of health benefits, including improved heart health, bone health, and decreased metabolic syndrome risk.

Garmin for measure speed

There are various techniques for measuring your running speed. The most common method is to use your personal average running speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. However, there are other ways you can measure your speed to see how you are progressing in training or fitness goals.

Running Speed For Human Average running speed of a human can be calculated by calculating the following formula: Distance Running Per Unit Time (miles/hour) = 5 miles/hour * 2 hours and 10 minutes.

One of the essential fitness metrics to measure is your average running speed. On average, humans can run at speeds of around 6 miles per hour, depending on their height and weight. The speed of the human body when it runs is much slower than that of other animals because humans are heavier and have larger bodies to their limbs.

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The fastest recorded human was Usain Bolt, who ran at the equivalent of 27 miles per hour in 2009 during his Olympic 100 meters final race against Tyson Gay, which he won by five hundredths of a second.

How long does it take to run distances by speed?

This question has been asked many times as people want to know how long it would take for a person to run the distance from one point to another.

This guide will tell you how long it would take for someone to run from one end of a football field to the other. We will also provide you with the average speed of a human runner and an estimate of how long the duration it might take for a horse to run the distance. The average running rate of a human: 7.5mph/13km/h.

Average Running Speed for Half Marathon

The average running speed for a half marathon is about 15 meters per second, which means it takes about two hours and thirty minutes to run one marathon.

As like example my average for Half Marathon was 4:45min/km
As like example my average for Half Marathon was 4:45min/km

Running speed is essential when you want to complete your workouts in time and boost your endurance. It can take time and effort to calculate the distance, but it is worth it because the average running speed in a half marathon is about 7:00 minutes per mile.

Average running speeds per age for men

The average running speed of a human is dependent on the age of the person. Many factors affect the speed, but one thing that is always constant is an individual’s body mass.

For example, the average running speed for men between 5-17 years old is approximately 12.4 miles per hour (mph), while for men between 18-34 years old, it’s about 14 mph.

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Average running speeds per age for women

Despite being a woman, women have lower running speeds than men do. The average running rate for a human is about 3.35 miles per hour, whereas the average running speed is about 2.78 miles per hour.

In their 20s, the average running speed of women was 2.93 miles per hour, while men had an average of 3.36 mph in their 20s.

In their 30s, the average running speed of women was 2.92 miles per hour, while men had an average of 3.32 mph in their 30s.

Wild animal speeds compared to the average human athlete running speed.

The average human running speed is about 3.5 miles per hour. While a wild animal can reach a much faster rate, this is not the only speed that matters when comparing the two.

To fully understand this topic, you have to need to know the differentiator between wild animals and human athletes. The average human athlete can move very quickly due to their muscle mass and ability to sustain that power over long periods. A wild animal will have little muscle mass but can move very quickly due to its powerful muscles and large amounts of oxygen in its blood flowing through it during a sprinting motion.


You may have seen The Running Man in the movies – it is a game where the protagonist has to outrun an assassin while dodging obstacles like cars and people. If you ever wondered what your running speed would be, then you can find out by calculating your distance per minute.

Speed can be calculated by multiplying distance with time. The average run for humans is approximately 3 miles per hour, which means that it takes them about 11 minutes to complete one mile.

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